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Private Leased Circuit

Etisalcom IPLC provides a dedicated end-to-end link of a defined bandwidth that’s always on and charged at a flat rate for unlimited usage. The IPLC runs from Bahrain to any international location. IPLCs are offered with a range of speeds to suit your requirements and are managed by Etisalcom through a Management Center.

Depending on the destination and the media available, cable links are used to provide a permanent end-to-end connection that can handle data, voice, video, facsimile or a combination of these data formats. The service supports a wide range of speeds from 256 Kbps to 2mbps (the speed can range upto DS-3 or STM-1 based on demand). This ideal one-stop managed solution allows you to focus on your business by minimizing unnecessary coordination on your part, with various service providers.

Our support team ensures your request is well looked after and coordinated from pre to post-sales, network design, implementation commissioning and maintenance stages.

For enquiries and support
Tel No: +973 13301204 / +973 13301818
Email: wholesale(at)etisalcom.com



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