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Welcome to More Arabiya Prepaid International Calling Card, the first ever calling card introduced for Arab countries. More Arabiya Prepaid can be used to make instant international calls from any landline or mobile and it is a convenient phone card designed to save you money.

You buy More Arabiya Prepaid as you need it. More Arabiya Prepaid offers special advantages as you can now call from any phone any time to any destination.Isn’t that incredible, all in one package.

A smart Calling Card, with absolutely no activation fees, connection fees or charges of any kind, pay only for the calls you make! More Arabiya is available across Bahrain in various cold stores, supermarkets and retail outlets and comes in three denominations BD1, BD2 and BD5.

Just walk in to any cold store or super market convenient to you ask for a More Arabiya card of your choice.


MORE Arabiya customer support team offers round the clock support service on any related issues like dialing instructions, rates and country codes. For more information call our Toll free 8003 1555.
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Call Arabiya with MORE Arabiya
MORE Arabiya
Your search for the best long distance service and rates is over. MORE Arabiya presents you with a low cost alternative that is consistent with high quality. Our goal is to enjoy a long-term relationship with every customer by providing excellent service and low rates.

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