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Call from anywhere in the world to the Kingdom of Bahrain at local rates
ETISL Telephony service

Desktop PC / Laptop Configuration

  • Download the softphone from the Downloads Page ››

  • Install the softphone on the PC
    • Open the downloaded installer.
    • Click on "Next" to begin the installation.
    • Click on "I accept the agreement" and then click on "Next".
    • Click on "Next" after choosing where the installation files will be copied.
    • Click on "Next" after choosing where icons and shortcuts will be created after installation.
    • The installation now begins and the progress will be shown.
    • Click on "Finish" to complete the installation.

  • Add a new SIP account on the softphone.

  • Configure the new sip account's settings as given below:
    • Display Name : Your ETISL Number (eg. 133XXXXX)
    • User Name      : Your ETISL Number (eg. 133XXXXX)
    • Password        : Your ETISL Password
    • Authorization  : Your ETISL Number (eg. 133XXXXX)
    • Domain            : fts.etisalcom.net

  • For detailed instructions for configuration of this softphone on Windows, Click Here ››

  • After successful installation and configuration you will see your Etisl 133xxxxx number on the phone dialer's display.

    For any assistance and support Call +973 1330 1330

    * Please note that the domain begins with fts not ftp

Nokia Model Compatibility

Nokia E Series
  • E71
  • E71
  • E66
  • E65
  • E52
  • E90(Communicator)
  • E61
  • E61i
Nokia N Series
  • N96
  • N95 8GB
  • N95
  • N82
  • N81

SIPDROID Configuration For ANDROID Phones

Download SIPDROID from Android Market
  • Go to Sipdroid settings
  • SIP account settings:
    • Username¬†¬†                            ¬†:    <your etisl number>
    • Password¬†¬†                            ¬†:    <your etisl password>
    • Server¬†¬†                                   ¬†:   fts.etisalcom.net
    • Domain                                    :   leave empty
    • Port                                          :    leave default (5060)
    • Protocol                                  :   UDP
  • Call Options
    • Use WLAN                              : check
    • Use 3G                                    : check, if you wish
    • Use EDGE                               : check, if you wish
    • Voice Compression            :¬†only over EDGE
    • Preferred call type              : set as you wish
    • Check for voicemail            : unchecked
  • Advanced Options
    • Caller ID                                 : leave blank
  • Wireless & network settings
    • Settings >¬†WiFi Settings > Settings Button (again) > Advanced > WiFi Sleep Policy > Never
  • Audio/Video settings
    • Set all options to LOW

Nokia Mobile Service Configuration

Nokia Provision

These settings are for the default SIP / VoIP dialer on Nokia handsets

  • Menu> Tools> Settings> then connection.
  • On your phone's main screen press "Menu"; you will then be presented with many options.
  • Select "Tools" then choose "Settings" and then "Connection".
  • Under "Connection", you will see a menu labeled "Sip Settings" and under that you must input the following settings.
SIP Settings
  • Profile Name                          :   Etisalcom
  • Public User Name                 :   <number>@fts.etisalcom.net
  • Proxy Server
    • Proxy Server Address¬†:   fts.etisalcom.net
    • Realm¬†¬†                            ¬†:
    • User Name                      :   <your etisl number>
    • Password                       ¬†:   <your etisl password>
    • Transport Type              ¬†:   UDP¬†
    • Port number                   ¬†:   5060
  • Registrar Server
    • Regis. Server Address : ¬†fts.etisalcom.net
    • Realm                               :
    • User Name                      :   <your ETISL number>
    • Password                        :   <your ETISL password>
    • Password                        :   <your ETISL password>
    • Transport Type               :   UDP¬†
    • Port number                    :   5060
Then go to the "Internet Telephone Settings" and attempt the following steps:
  • Create a new profile then:
  • Name¬†¬†:   ETISL
  • Under the SIP Profile choose the profile you created earlier and named it "Etisalcom".

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