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“CAR & CALL” : Etisalcom opens a Point of Sales Counter at Arad

4th June , 2010  
Location: Manama  


Etisalcom Bahrain opened a Point of Sales Counter in Arad – Bahrain,  in collaboration with Majestic Car Center, Arad to sell and market ETISL.

This new counter of Etisalcom, exclusively for ETISL within the premises of Majestic Car Center would facilitate prospective customers living in and around Arad to buy our product without coming all the way to our main office located at Exhibition Road. 

The Sales Agency Agreement between Etisalcom Bahrain and Majestic Car Center was signed by Mr. Rashid Al-Snan, Chief Executive Officer & MD of Etisalcom Bahrain and Mr. Ibrahim Abdulla Hamad, Managing Director of Majestic Car Center, this Thursday.

Mr. Ibrahim Abdulla Hamad,  told that this new endeavor would be primarily focused on Majestic’s customers who approach them for buying cars and would also be considering an option of providing ETISL to their customers as a bundled offer shortly.

mcc1.jpgMr. Rashid Al-Snan is hopeful that the new “Car & Call” concept could function as a catalyst in Etisalcom’s  ongoing campaign on ETISL Awareness, thereby attracting more customers towards ETISL especially during the ensuing holiday season.    He is confident that these outlets would help Etisalcom in getting hold of a greater market share in the telecom space.

Mr. Renjith Sarada, Head of Corporate Sales & Projects told that there would be more sales outlets appearing in the Kingdom of Bahrain this year.  He is certain that these outlets would be beneficial in spreading the goodness of ETISL and Etisalcom, all over Bahrain and overseas.