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Routing through the Far East gives you More

1st March, 2007  
Location: Manama  

Etisalcom, in evolving their IP-based telephone packages, has worked out an alliance with Telecom Malaysia which will set up a high capacity Multi Protocol Label Switching, MPLS, link that will route traffic between Bahrain and the region to international destinations.

Etisalcom says it can provide substantially better time and cost savings by routing communications traffic via the less-congested Far East as opposed to the highly concentrated Western corridors. The technology itself has the ability to create end-to-end circuits, with specific performance enhancement characteristics, across any type of communications transport medium, eliminating the need for overly networks or Layer-2 only control mechanisms.

A dedicated pipe has been set-up and is running from Malaysia to Etisalcom's offices in Bahrain via submarine and terrestrial cables. TM will further extend this network's reach throughout the world using its own network and through partners.

Elaborating on the benefits of the link Rashid Al Snan, the company's chief executive officer says the MPLS link will in the catalyse the way customers in the region communicate by facilitating concepts such as web tv, mobile tv and many other such convergent technologies.

This is an extension of the original service model, Al Snan says: "Before we launched More cards, we looked at the inherent needs of a customer and realized that he was not just looking at making a call – he was calling home and there was a lot of emotion involved. The value proposition was visible once we recognized this emotion, so we branded our calling card differently and didn't just prefix or suffix it with a Talk. It is more than just Talk – it's More – and to deliver this better, we need to leverage new technology such as the MPLS network"