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Etisalcom - MPLS Deal with Telekom Malaysia

February, 2007  
Location: Manama  

Etisalcom and Telekom Malaysia (TM) have partnered to bring Asian traffic to the Middle East.

The companies have entered a strategic agreement for the set-up, marketing and maintenance of Etisalcom's recently launched international managed MPLS link.

Rashid Al Snan, CEO at Etisalcom, said: "Partnering with Telekom Malaysia will enhance the experience profile in Etisalcom. It will provide the organization an edge in the region as a critical service provider of data communication in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region. With the launch of this service, customers in Bahrain have a real alternative for launch of this service, customers in Bahrain have real alternative for their data communications requirements."

Etisalcom has launched its MPLS link with the goal of providing business customers with cost savings by enhancing bandwidth availability, flexibility and speed. These plans lie in the routing of communications traffic via the lesser-congested Far East as opposed to the highly concentrated western corridors.

Al Snan said: "Historically the Middle East region and most of its customers have been focussing on linking to the west. Recently customers have realised that having an alternative and backed up network is more important than just establishing connectivity."

A dedicated pipe has been set up and is running from TM premises in Malaysia to Etisalcom offices in Bahrain via submarine and terrestrial cables. TM has plans to extend this MPLS network's reach.

TM will use the partnership with Etisalcom to begin to serve the local market within the Middle East via Bahrain. Mohsen Malaki, analyst at IDC, said: " Malaki added that it was realistic for Bahrain to become a telecommunications hub in the region because of opportunities that still remain in underserved countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.