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Call Termination
Voice Termination

Voice Termination using SIP and H323 is a carrier-class wholesale service into Bahrain from Etisalcom. We terminate local fixed and mobile voice calls. Etisalcom voice termination solution is delivered over the powerful Etisalcom voice network which is engineered and purpose-built to the specifications of the world’s largest and most demanding service providers. With the largest next-generation network and a 100% on-net nationwide footprint, Etisalcom has the operational control to ensure end-to-end quality management of your voice traffic.

Etisalcom gives you the interconnection and termination options to fit your needs. Etisalcom can accommodate specific needs of service providers to design personalized solutions based on their unique requirements. Etisalcom’ IP termination service is a cost-effective way for you to terminate telephone calls to over 250 countries while taking advantage of IP technology.

Competitively priced, jurisdiction-free plans for IP-to-PSTN Termination include the following options:

  • Tiered NPA-NXX-based with OCN verification
  • Tiered LATA/OCN
  • Blended Rate

For more details and information,
Tel No: +973 1332 2331
Email: sales@etisalcom.com

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